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Turnton Docklands

Linz, AT
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz
06.09.2017 - 22.10.2017
(All day)

In the streets of the harbour of an indeterminate small coastal city

20 years after we showed our first piece at ARS-Electronica in 1997 we will be back in the context of the festival as "featured artist" and turn the basement of the Lentos into an experiential possible future.

With Turnton Docklands we try to seduce an audience to imagine a world in 30 years ahead.  A world, which doesn't look good, in which the implications of the careless misuse and manipulation of ecological systems have come home to roost, a climax disaster appears unavoidable. In opposition we propose that humanity responds to this ecological dystopia with sociopolitical utopic changes.

We are looking forward to invite our audience to take look into the preferable and not just the pessimistic probable future. Inviting all to imagine a future worth
living in, in spite of all that might befall us with a good life for all. We invite an audience to join us in imagining more parts of the incomplete picture.

Special Thanks To: 
Astrid Benzer, Tanja Brandmayr, Elke Doppelbauer, Stefan Füreder, Christian Haas, Mario Habringer, Marion Huber, Philip Huemer, Christopher Hüttmansdorfer, Andreas Kump Tanja Lattner, Thomas Latzel, Christian Leisch, Maria Fliri, Thomas Leitner, Thomas Maier, Silke Müller, Leonie Reese, Ushi Reiter, Leo Schatzl, Paul Schausberger, Florian Sedmak, Valarie Serbest, Ufuk Serbest, Daniel Steiner, Michael Strohmann, Giles Tilling, Philip Huemer, Elisa Unger, Joschi Viteka, Christian Wellmann Jürgen Zauner, Robert Zauner, Stephan Rois, Dominika Meindl, Helga Schager, Šárka Zahálková Florian Kofler, Gitti Vasicek, Sigrid Cakir, Barbara Hinterleitner, Philipp Pamminger
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