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Anchortronic - 5.1 laboratory for updating experimental sound
Anchortronic is a Time's Up audio project in cooperation with the music label Staalplaat. It is dedicated to experimental electronic music, in particular the process oriented techniques which in their attitude and technique imply and even demand a radical DIY aesthetic.

Sampling, plunderphonics, clicks and cuts, generative sound from self-written applications - keywords and techniques that paraphrase the expressions of a global development, yet in no way set boundaries or categorise. They have in common an attitude that requires the adjective "punk" - without the prefix "cyber" or the postfix "is (not) dead." They are prepared to experiment, to take on ideas unconditionally and as such and to work towards their implementation in spite of, or even because of the fact that in the midst of the process, a new idea can radically alter the course of development, even turn it around. This attitude acts as a negation or as a (distorted) overdrive of established mainstream culture. Individual research and experiments are primal; results appear secondary. Product - often selfburnt CDRs - is distributed through independent or self created labels - mainly to document a momentary state or to include others in the process. The network(s) are close despite their globality, the trade or exchange is real. Exchange is one of Time's Up's core activities. The networking with people of similar interests, effects ongoing or planned wors, leads to concrete collaborations - overlaps experienced as enrichness.

watch some snippets from the DVD

Anchortronic – 5.1 Laboratory for updating experimental sound

With the introduction of the DVD and the resulting creation of the term Home Theatre and its marketing success, there arose the possibility of standardised 6 channel reproduction and distribution. Previously, the experience of multichannel sound compositions was restricted to complex, hard to reproduce and user unfriendly equipment. This user friendliness and standardised reproduction were exactly what the DVD offered.

It was important to investigate the possibilities, distinct from those present as the medium for Hollywood blockbusters. Time's Up set up a specialised surround sound studio for the Anchortonic project in order to provide for new forms of experiment and allow musicians access to multichannel arrangements. Although most musicans have a general theoretical knowledge or understanding of surround sounds concepts, they have but limited or nonexistent practical experience of multichannel sound and were thus exposed to a rather demanding situation. It is worth noting that the original plan to produce a sound-only DVD, to focus only upon the surround sound possibilities, was quickly overturned by the practitioners when confronted with the possibilities and challenges of taking the medium to its maximal usage.
It is important to us to present this experimental series divorced from some DVD hype, as Surround Sound has a history of many variations. We act independently of the establishment or nonestablishment of a new HiFi Video standard.


nt & joreg, egotrip & markus decker efzeg & efzeg electronicat et cecile babiole gloom/barbara neureiter & didi bruckmayr aka the kingdom dd kern & fred lachinger / holger schlamminger 
marc9 alex davies stilluppsteypa goem TV POW & xabi erkizia / fennesz / zeitblom & lillevän chris fortescue CTL michael strohmann & petra zöpnek / manfred karrer andreas berthling & mattias rylander 

Anchortronic 02-2003
Anchortronic 03-2003
Anchortronic 05-2003
Anchortronic 07-2004
Anchortronic 08-2003
Anchortronic 09-2003
Anchortronic 10-2002
Anchortronic 10-2003
Anchortronic 12-2002
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