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CoC Workshop 1 Day 1

After a long day of lifting, cutting, fixing and thinking through yet again we reach the end of day one of the workshop -  a final drink at the Hafenstern, then we all headed home tired after a long and happily tiring day. One dangerous thing about boats: their weight is supported by the water, so they can be ever so very heavy out of it.
Photos should accompany this: but the camera went on strike. Tomorrow we will have pictures. Yes we can. But for now you will need to rely upon words.
The Zille turns out to be even less waterproof than we thought - some ruptured seams in the stern as well as two splits at the curve of the bow. The side seams are also less that 100 percent: but not so open as to slow us down. We will fix these smaller problems up during the week. We have a proper floor now so we do not have to skip from one steel frame to another. The Zille looks like it will do.
The beams connecting the Zille with the Proa, a windsurfer, are now assembled from various bits of old (and we do mean old) 5x8 cm glued and screwed into an I-beam structure. Other parts are moving ahead: the yard has been shaped, the boom cut to size, the canvas has been pre-shrunk.
Tomorrow we start to put things together: the catamaran structure will emerge, the mast will get basic shaping, the sail will be cut and edged. The rudder, dagger board and other parts may come together too - time will be of the essence. Monday we fear that the weather will stop playing along with us; we might be stuck inside working on details.
Looking forward to details tomorrow.