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CoC Workshop One Day Three

Phew! Midnight and we have a form of success. The workshop vessel looks good in its own way. We raised the not quite completed sail to see what it looks like; without battens or boom or yard lacing, the sail stretches and hangs strangely. But it hangs. And the body of the boat, paired with the sail, looks harmonious in a way only such a mulatto vessel could.
Today we had some more visitors, who helped in all sorts of ways. The sail tabling and corner loops were sewn in bit by bit, marking all the lines, scoring the creases, folding the corners to allow room for the straps. The yard and boom were smoothed and oiled. The rudder came together and was mounted, with a tilting tiller to get as much room as possible. The mast support was welded, wedges hold the mast exactly upright. The masthead fitting with chain links giving attachment points for the topping lifts, yard halyard, anchor light and flagpole. We measured how far to hammer it on and were greeted with a solid thunk as it bedded itself at the top of the mast.
Tomorrow we will share with you images of the first test sail raising - even without the battens and thus missing the outer portion of the sail, there is a lot of canvas out there! This will be fun.
Next Saturday, weather permitting, we will be setting out on the Winter Harbour in Linz to learn how to use this strange concoction - feel free to join us!