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Domestic Bliss

A simple story about a simple flat. Isn't it?

Domestic Bliss is the first public situation, which is integrating our new developments towards physical narration. An audiovisual, interactive story around a crime in the early sixties gets told in an apartment, solely through due the arrangement, the relicts and the audiovisual environment.

The flat on the first floor of the backyard building seems to be inhabited, there are signs of human activity everywhere. Who lived here? What kind of relationships did they have to the space? To their neighbours? To the house? To the city of Linz? How real was their domestic bliss? The work asks questions like what traces does a person leave in a room? Can you identify the character of somebody by just seeing their private space?

A project within the scope of Linz09 & gRig (supported by The Culture 2000 framework of the European Commission)
Planned and realised together with Alex Davies

Alex Davies, Markus Luger, Maria Fliri, Thomas Latzl, Georg Bonn, Alois Wohlmuther, Brownynn Mertz-Penzinger, Karin Schmid
Physical Narration
Häusliches Glück