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Dorkbot - lloopp

Linz, AT;
Time's Up Laboratories
22.04.2003 - 23.04.2003

Klaus Filip presenting his software lloopp

Dorkbot operates under the moniker "people doing strange things with electricity". Main aims are the presentations of investigative non-commericial prototypes to like-minded people as well as an accessibility to a broader public.

As our inaugral dorkbotevent, we are pleased to welcome Klaus Filip, one of the implementors of lloopp for a 2-day workshop and presentation at Time`s up.

lloopp is a software written in max/msp, designed for sample-based live-improvisation on a macintosh. lloopp is freeware, open source and is written by musicians who use this very software for their performances. anybody who is into max-programming is invited to join in. the workshop has two days, whereas the first day will be directed to the user-side of the topic, the second day will be more for max-programmers, lloopp-related or not. the workshop and presentation will be in german, but feel free to come and abuse our mistranslation capacities.

the workshop has two days, wherease the first day will be directed to the user-site of the topic, the second day will be more for max-programmers, lloopp-related or not.

first day: lloopp offers a very flexible platform, that fits for different needs and situations of live performing. there are over 70 so called 'acts' for a variety of needs: soundgenerators on sample- or synth-basis, controlling-patches, that adress any parameter of other 'acts, recording-options, keyboard/midi/wacom- input-patches, plugins, etc.

we will create an overview, explain functionalities, discuss problems and needs.

second day: max/msp/jitter/lloopp programming:general max-programming on the one hand, lloopp-programming on the other. lloopp is open-source, so it can be developed further by anybody who is into max. it is quite easy to integrate own patches to the lloopp-environment and many things on lloopp are a matter to improve of course.besides that, lloopp offers quite a few macros for general use. caution, max is addictiv.

bring your own laptop with latest lloopp installed, but that is no obligation of course.