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Dorkbot - vvvv

Linz, AT;
Time's Up Laboratories
14.06.2003 - 15.06.2003

vvvv from scratch

Dorkbot operates under the moniker "people doing strange things with electricity". Main aims are the presentations of investigative non-commericial prototypes to like-minded people as well as an accessibility to a broader public.

As our second dorkbotevent, we are pleased to welcome Joreg, one of the implementors of vvvv for a 2-day workshop and presentation at Time`s up.

vvvv is a graphical programming language similar to MAX or PD and is being developed at meso. its whole beauty is revealed when using it for video synthesis or connecting external hardware to the pc for realtime interaction. since christmas 2002 vvvv has been available as public beta version for everyone to test.

The workshop at Time's Up's sunny harbour offers the beginner an easy access to the world of vvvv. While having drinks and barbecue we'll discuss more advanced topics of the software (spreading, boygrouping,..) and on the second day we'll altogether fade into a very beautiful sunset.