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How to start a clean shipping company

Europe wide
01.03.2016 - 30.07.2016
(All day)
HOWTO for a budding clean / green freighter

As part of our work for the Changing Weathers project, we have been looking at the legal and administrative issues around setting up a small cargo company in Austria. The initial response from us all was "that cannot work" but as we tried to explore why it would not work, it became clear that perhaps it could.
The Pea Green Shipping Company has been started and is beginning to ship small quantities along the Danube. We do not envisage dominating the market, rather we would like to see a thousand small shippers bloom, much as the coastal barge traders in 19th century Europe. Thus we do not hide our process, but much as Feral Trade does, we make not only the process but also all the details public in order to show how this can be done. Such a company is based upon relationships and relevance, rather than cash flow and return on capital.