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Kitchen Workshop in Hong Kong

An afternoon workshop exchanging cooking, eating and talking.

The Kitchen in Hong Kong was "uncanny" with the authenticity with which the amazing crew there replicated it. On Sunday after th eopening we had a workshop inviting people to come and enjoy the kitchen, with all its aspects. We started off with "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first" and shared Manner Schnitten and Rum Cocos with the attendees. Then we chopped, chatted, drank beer, wine and rum (unfortunately none of them Austrian) and marvelled at the strangenesses of cultural mish-mashing. Not one attendee cooked regularly (more than 2 times a month), fast food and Mum seemed to be the culinary answers.

The workshop went late and people missed meetings afterwards to stay for dessert, the huge apple strudel, after pumpkin soup and schweinsbraten with Semmelknoedel. Delicious. We talked about taking time, enjoyed the view of Victoria Harbour out the window (about as much as we can see of the Danube from the original kitchen window), space, air conditioning and, of course, food.