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Kick-Off Date: 
05 - 2003

Marc9 and his Space Junk Orchestra

Combining low-end and high-end technology Marc 9 created an automated electro-mechanical orchestra: a conglomerate of (electro) mechanical and laboratory devices, whose primary use is traded in for their acoustic and visual side effects. Industrial junk put on stage to feature it´s formerly meaningless passion to rock ´n´roll.

Devices and instruments from a meanwhile archaic age, the pre Integrated-Circuit era, instruments which embody like nothing else the change from analogue to digital by combining a very mechanical with a binary world. Instruments which radically renewed the beats and bars of time and life and at the same time created a subliminal and sustained influence on the acoustic and visual perception of society. Instruments which reformed the accepted musical range within the wilderness of noise by releasing sound without any musical purpose in order to fulfill their primary task in a technological process.

A generation of devices, tools and instruments with acoustic and visual appearances that raise familiarity and strangeness at the same time. Clicky-di-clack circuits, thundering relays, ticking seismographs, sparking record players and other high voltage dangernesses are assembled to form an energetic soundtrack of a mad scientist laboratory.

To underline the interchangeable views of perception about an object, depending upon the context, these mechanical devices are put on stage and advance to performers of a hard rockin´ band or the come alive version of stadionrock stage-gimmicks that buttkicked their supressors from stage.

Synchronized realtime video editing connects the mechanical to the acoustic part by showing close-ups of the origins of sound and details of sound creation. It gives visual insight into an obsolete world of mechanical events.

Safety Notice:: Ground yourself.