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Narrative Objects

Shantou, CN
Shantou University - Cheung Kong School of Arts and Design Shantou
21.03.2011 - 29.03.2011

Tell your stories via single objects

Due to unpredictable circumstances this workshop is postponed for several months. Details will be announced.

Walking into a person's space we see traces of them everywhere: the postcards, the teacups, open books and scribbled love letters. If we had permission, we could examine these arrangements of objects and find out about that person, obtain a unique view into their story, much as a detective investigates a crime scene to determine the story behind it. Our current projects create fictional characters and compose a "Physical Narrative" in oder to convey their story. The audience is invited in to explore this character, permission is given to pry into the deepest recesses of their space and thus the furthest reaches of their personalities and personal histories.

This workshop invites participants to create an object or small collection of objects that tell a fragment of a story, whether it be media based or a collection of found objects.

Physical Narration