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Narrative Strategies - Talk

Oslo, NO
InterMedia, University of Oslo
13.10.2009 - 15.10.2009
Talk about the intentions of Domestic Bliss & CLOPEN and Phyysical Narratives

This seminar has a more exploratory style - we will mix narratives, projects, and reflections. The event covers two days so there is room for the exchange of ideas and commentary on completed works and those in progress as well as theory and analysis. The content will range from narratives of participants in installation works across to alternate reality gaming.

The design and enactment of mixed reality narratives in, as and about electronic arts is the core theme. This may include (amongst many others) expressive and generative art spaces, distributed and relational narrative works, innovations in museum settings, expressive online fictional spaces, historical and cultural reflections, and a variety of media types and their mix. Mixed reality also connects the digital and the physical, breaks, bends and connects them, so we are open to a variety of interpretations and experiments. We hope too that the event as a whole is an exploration of narrative strategies.

Partners to gRIG will include their networks and nearest and dearest collaborators where possible. We also invite suggestions of other potential presenters and contributors especially in Europe. For this more exploratory seminar we are working around who can participate and how they might do so best, rather than following the more time- and presenter-based seminar format of Seminar 1. We'll also close this second seminar with a loop back to the first one and the role of narrative/mediation.

Listen and have a look at the Live Scribble

Physical Narration
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