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Notes on Games, Play and Gameplay in Interactive Installations - Paper

Release Date: 
11 - 2006
Tim Boykett

Musings on Games and Play

Abstract: In the practice of building large scale interactive situations, we have followed various paths in order to achieve maximal effectiveness. This paper investigates some of those paths and the way that they relate to the practice of games and gameplay. Considering these practices, we find that there are strong connections of both these areas to the theories and practices of contemporary theatre. One of the main connections is the idea of a game or installation as a form of structured public improvisation. This paper investigates these three aspects, game(play), large scale interactive installations and contemporary theatre, and brings out some of the ways that they can be seen in our work and work of colleagues working in related areas. We find several ways that theatrical theory can be used to improve the details of large scale interactive environments as well as gaming spaces.