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Obsolete - Bureau of Low Technology

Linz, AT
Time's Up Laboratories

A lecture on Low-Bit Games - keep the low-tech spirit alive

The Bureau of Low Technology (B.O.L.T San Francisco) was founded in 1997 as an entity devoted to the preservation and appreciation of all things Low-Tech.

The Bureau functions as a reminder of the early Techno-Era, when Computers where simple. B.O.L.T embraces this old school bitmapped culture and achieves a nostalgic reminder of the days when computers were our friends and the idea of the information superhighway was a science-fiction fantasy.

For the lecture on Low Bit Games, the Bureau will send an representative to the harbourside mansion of Time's Up to present us with a monologue on the history of these games, bringing along some fine examples for us all to play with and get a first hand experience on why it seems necessary to upgrade our preservative and investigative efforts.

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