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Program- Data Ecologies 2005


The workshop will start with an informal get together on Thursday the 12th of May. The meeting itself will start on Friday the 13th at 9:30 am with a talk by Tom Toffoli. Talks throughout the day will finish with a dinner so as to carry on the conversations in a less formal atmosphere. The workshop will continue at 9:30 on Saturday morning for a full day of coffee breaks interrupted by talks and discussions. The final talk will be from Ed Fredkin, at the start of Saturday afternoon, and will be followed by a round table discussion in order to reiterate some points that have been raised in the various talks and work towards some more intense discussion.
A price-efficient lunch will be available onsite.

Friday 13th May


Welcome and Opening

Tom Toffoli "Computation: the LEGO of Physics"

Karl Svozil "Aesthetics and Scarcity: A Physics Perspective"


Lunch break


Dan Miller "Implementing digital physics"

Hartwig Thim "Experimental evidence for a preferred frame of reference"

Martin Howse and Jonathan Kemp "Crashing the computational universe"(Cancelled!)

Saturday 14th May


Juergen Schmidhuber "Optimal Prediction in Computable Universes"

Nik Gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic

"metaphors for inspiration vs. metaphors for intepretation "


Lunch break


Edward Fredkin "Computing Architecture for Physics, Reflections on Digital Philosophy"

Round Table discussion - where to from here