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Workshop on Play and Gaming

Groznjan, HR
15.09.2002 - 20.09.2002

All Art derives from play - Statement by Johan Huizinga / Homo Ludens

'All art derives from play', a statement by Johan Huizinga (from Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play Element of Culture) has inspired us to examine both the notion of 'art' and the notion of 'play' in the current creative practices and their public exposure. Do these practices still change the way we see the world, as Huizinga stated both children's play and artists' play should? What do we understand as 'play' and 'playful'? What is the difference between 'play' and 'game' (especially in the context of online multiplayer games)? Are games developed as excercises in exploration and construction of worlds, stimulating imagination and creativity of their players? Do games still contain some of their mythical components - aisthesis, poiesis, metamorphosis and therapeia (from Gods and Games: Towards a Theology of Play by D.L. Miller), or have they become just another mode of hyper-consumption?

What is the difference between a game and play? Between gaming and a play? Taking a group of various individuals, burying them in a small Istrian town on the top of a hill, giving them all sorts of motivations and possibilities to play and create games, one arrives at an ensemble with some surprises.

The week indeed generated a virtual city version, a mythology and a scheme fitting them all into a non-scripted game/play.

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