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Changing Weathers transiencies

Europe wide
01.02.2016 - 28.02.2016
(All day)
Residencies in Motion

One of our contributions to Changing Weathers, a pan-European project we are part of, is based on what we call a "transiency", a residency in motion. In these journeys we aim to collect and amalgamate ideas, experiences and dreams, from those who are involved and/or influenced in alternative practices of transporting goods. Fair transport is the buzzword, slowly becoming more relevant as climate change gets closer to our everyday life, the destruction of the oceans becomes more obvious and the facade that "business as usual" can continue crumbles.

In common with the residency, transiencies should offer a concentrated and immersive engagement with the field and environment in which it takes place, without being stuck in one physical location.
Away from the distractions of everyday life, embedded into other everyday lives, the transiency will help us explore the manifold whys and wherefors of cargo, the ocean, biology, ships and the various kinds of weathers that influence these things.

Routes to be taken are in development, details on the trips itself will be documented on our Loose Diary as soon as the transiencies are undertaken. Stay tuned!

Material, information and knowledge collected during the transiencies will  inform a near future scenario, developed and built to allow the imagination of a possible future indicating triggered changes made through alternative models in a global mobility of commodities. The transiencies will collect ideas about how this scenario can grow and emerge, which changes might force our hand, what actions might bring about further changes or change their development.