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Resilients:The Flotilla

12.12.2012 - 13.12.2012

Pre-enactment of one day in a possible future of Resilients

A future prehearsal exercise investigating the question “How do we work together on interesting things?” in a developed scenario, a possible future.

“In this possible future, The Resilients guild with members and cells around the world decides to lift its anchor. There is no security of funding or the status of artists as independent operators. The arts have become radically bureaucratised, reaching Kafka-esque proportions. The cost of living is prohibitively expensive. Individual artistic careers are impossible to attain, except for the select few artists who serve the tastes of the rich and famous. Universities have become machines for producing papers, but education and research happen elsewhere – in alternative, ad-hoc spaces, in collectives of people eager to learn. Technologists are either brainwashed into serving the capitalist machinery, or drop out and become sought after hackers, feeding technological resistance movements. Environmentalists are disillusioned by the global apathy and are either growing more radical, or attempt to infiltrate the political and economic systems, just to be slowly swallowed and transformed by them. Small groups of people retreat into a bucolic mirage of intentional communities and village life, where permaculture and new age intermingle into a somewhat escapist mixture.

The members of the Resilients became tired of fighting the windmills and see that the only way forward is to fully commit themselves to the collective vision they've been cultivating over the years and begin growing their own world: The flotilla, a distributed, semi-nomadic troupe sharing a collective vision of the world and their place in it.”

A 24 hour period in the Flotilla will be experienced by those participating, enacting the working life in this possible future. A debriefing session attempts to unravel the responses to this lifestyle, to look at the ways that the experiences gathered there can echo into the present to inform our ongoing activities.