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The Faro Appreciation and Research Organisation

Linz, AT
Time's Up Laboratories

Revel in the beauty of lighthouses and maritime kitsch

As a special occasion, the Hackboat ( will be formally re-named "Franz Feigl" before embarking on a Danube cruise to the Black Sea for the Hacker festival on the island St.Anastasia (former Bolshevik) three nautical miles from the Bulgarian coastal city of Bourgas ( ).

The denaming ceremony will be carried out by the Slightly Reverend Kevin Rich (University of Aberdeen, discontinued and University of Cardiff, discontinued).

The naming ceremony will be carried out by the Somewhat Royal King Alex Jöchtl of the Wild Mountain castle near Churchbeat in the Muhlviertel.

Musical accompaniment will be provided by Peter Donke as well as the most prestigious record collection of Bert Zettelmeier.