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Harvest 2011

End of Summer time, the final harvest

We dug up the potatoes, carrots, beet roots and other plants that are not continuously harvestable. The others have been continuously harvested as we need them: salads, kale, herbs, tomatoes and paprika. The quantities are not astounding, but also not too bad:
potatoes: 6.1 kg
beetroot: 1.1 kg
carrots: 1.8 kg
pumpkin: 0.4 kg

The potatoes were planted in a  box and, as they grew, soil was added to the top to make their root systems grow widely. As it turned out, the deep layer was too clayey, so the roots could hardly get in there, while the tops layer did not allow enough growing time: some teeny tiny potatoes could be seen but not really useful. The 6kg in a bit less than a square meter seems alright, but not amazing. Not enough to enter into high tech self sufficiency.
The carrots were similarly stunted, probably by the clay component of the soil. We have added sand and lots of vegetable matter, but soil improvement is not taking place massively. The beetroot grew partially out of the ground, but did get some body.
Next year we plan to have some Gardener in Residence (see the call) so we hope that some more experimentally inclined and experienced people can come along and make some wonders happen with the possibilities that the garden offers.

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