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Air-cushioned vehicle by Triclops International

Formed in 1993 Triclops International is an artistic performance based company that focuses on creating large scale spectacular events. The company strives to present innovative work by re-appropriating the techniques of industry and engineering. Through our investigation into industrial technique and application we create powerfully expressive devices whose behaviour steers away from the practical and borders on the irrational. Triclops International is dedicated to presenting works to non-traditional theatre goers in unusual locations. All self staged works are free to the public and we prefer commissioned works to be the same.
Based in a former Tramline Cable Storage Facilty, located in Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia, Triclops International have a well equipped machine shop and research facility. Since its conception the company has become more orientated towards the research and experimentation of various technologies and numerous scientific theories.

They form a theater at unusual places for people who normally would not attend a theater.

Their luggage for Linz contains an air-cushioned vehicle to further test some aspects of a biomechanical theory of flight