We try to keep all words and paragraphs, graphical designs, moving images, acoustic relicts, we release to be collected here.


Mind The Map - Video

09 - 2017

Mind The Map has been exhibited at Le lieu unique in Nantes, FR in September and October 2015. Elisa Unger has been with Time's Up to document.

PARN - Book

04 - 2013

This volume is intended to summarise the experiences of the project-partners FoAM (BE), Blast Theory (UK), Lighthouse (UK) and Time's Up (AT) in the wide range of activities that took place during

Txoom- Book & DVD

05 - 2004
This designed set of cards document the tXoom project through a collection of texts and images that can be freely rearranged to fit into one other in various ways and means.

ALKU Compilation

07 - 2003

1    Team Doyobi  + Safety Scissors   -        Untitled          2:00      
2     Errorsmith + Opopop  -      Untitled             2:00     

Newsletter 1-03

04 - 2003
# introduction After a long, pleasant stay in Maribor, Slovenia, where the first versions of our new large-scale project Sensory Circus were presented, the various members of the Time's Up team have

Newsletter 1-02 Re/Pre-view

07 - 2002
# introduction Since the time span between this and the last newsletter is a bit long, we thought we would be as descriptive as possible within this release. Projects from the last months, like Tran
closing the loop

Closing the Loop 00 - Paper

02 - 2001

A collection of reports, theoretical discourses and documentation of a series of laboratory projects carried out by Time's Up with the close collaboration of radioqualia and and assortment of proto

Obsolete CD

02 - 1999
Tracklist 1 Level 1: Elvis Loses 2 Level 2: Keep Going 3 Level 3: Pac The Ball 4 Level 4: Ship 'Til You Drop 5 Level 5: Final Extension A review by aquarius records: I'd be hard press

Sound of Music

08 - 1998
Time`s Up had to deal with the Sound of Music of course. Negativland, People Like Us, Barbed, Muzictourist and Time's Up  are on this Compilation.