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Data Ecologies 2003

Linz, AT
Time's Up Laboratories
28.03.2003 - 29.03.2003
Simulations of physics, Physics as simulation

Simulations of physics, Physics as simulation.

A two day workshop investigating the interplay between the simulation of physics for the creation of artificial (data) ecologies, and the possibility that physics (and thus all ecosystems) is itself, a data process.

Theme1: Evolution in Simulated physics

An introduction into the various flavours of physical simulation, evolution in these systems and their use and misuse. A survey of available flavours followed by an intensive and hands on introduction to the use of the Framsticks systems for evolution in simulated physical environments. Speakers include Maciej Komosinski.

Theme2: Physics is a Simulation?

What if the world is actually, at its finest level, computational? This radical proposal, often termed the "Zuse hypothesis" after its earliest proposer, Konrad Zuse, has recently gained some serious scientific interest. A day of presentations in the history and implications of this hypothesis, followed up with the demonstration of a small physics experiment that adds some experimental grounding to the hypothesis. Speakers include Karl Svozil and Hartwig Thim.


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Timings: Note that the order of the days has been reversed for organisational reasons.

28 March 2003 Physics is a Simulation?

11:00 Program start. See abstracts

Program end. The possibility exists to partake in the "Faelschung in
die Wissenscahft" symposium held at the Johannes Kepler Universitaet in

29 March 2003 Evolution in Simulated physics

11:00 Program start. Introduction to evolving systems, Breve, Framsticks

13:00 lunch pause

onwards workshop with Framsticks. Design of experiments, spontaneous
and directed evoluition, grafting into other systems, analysis.

Karl Svozil, Hartwig Thim, Ross Rhodes, Maciej Komosinski, Szymon Ulatowski
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