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Invited Keynote: Physical or Virtual - it's all real

Sydney, AU
ENGAGE Conference

Exploration Narrative

ABSTRACT: This presentation will investigate several of the projects and processes that have inspired Time‘s Up in the past while as they pull the threads of art, science, entertainment and technology together to make their worlds. Pulling ideas from Stanislawski the theatre director and Damasio the neuroscientist together to investigate the actions of so-called public individuals in constructed situations, Time‘s Up projects are very physical and attempt to use this physicality to avoid the „crisis of media art.“ The grinning faces of visitors leaving installations are evidence that this is being at least partially achieved.

One main thread is the idea of the Exploration Narrative to describe the actions of visitors to large-scale interactive situations. Bringing together the observation that people attempt to build experience into narratives and to find causality where it can be found, the visitors begin to act as „protoscientists“ (Bob Fischer, anthropologist) investigating the constructed world. Multiple perspectives and world-internal possibilities to reflect upon the behavior of the space and its visitors encourage a discussion between visitors and the social level of interaction is raised. This discussion is less about the technical „how“ of the installation as about the relational „why“ and incorporates the unique experience of every visitor.
Time‘s Up‘s work lies in the development of physical real-time interactive situations. This talk will discuss some of the more theoretical questions that have arisen in the process of developing these pieces, as well as discussing some of the technical issues surrounding the development of real time reactive audio-visual environments.