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People like Us

East Sussex's PEOPLE LIKE US (a.k.a. Vicki Bennett) is a brilliant sound collagist and DJ who has released a host of fine CD's and LP's on Holland's Staalplaat label, including 1997's PEOPLE LIKE US HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. She has toured throughout Europe and made her U.S. debut with a series of performances on the West Coast, including live radio dates (with In Concert performers) on Free Radio Berkeley (104.1 FM, 4/7, 9pm), KFJC Los Altos Hills (89.7 FM, 4/8, 10pm), and the Over The Edge program of 4/9 (midnight on KPFA). Her found-sound technique is laced with absurdist humor and deep love for thrift store-discard vinyl and broadcast oddities.