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sound devices and machine composition

Linz, AT;
Time's Up Laboratories
04.05.2009 - 06.05.2009

a workshop in cooperation with and Staalplaat

Time's Up is holding a workshop focused on working practice in cooperation with The focus is laid onto the creation of sound instruments from all sorts of old junk machines like kitchen mixers, vacuum cleaners and other noise making, allegedly useless, discarded everyday-life electric appliances and/or computer parts.

Since its inception in 2000, Staalplaat Soundsystem has created a multitude of mechanical sound installations using all manners of consumer electronics. (previous highlights of Staalplaat Soundsystem performances include »Floating Islands«, a floating orchestra composed of fifty vacuum cleaners, plastic bottles and lights. »Sale Away« a democratic piece that explored the influence of the public on the work; by simply using their mobile phones people were able to play a complex mechanical orchestra. The most recent project »Architectone«, to create sound art with public space.) structure, shape, and function of the space seen as a sound source, as an instrument as well as a physical filter. The idea of the workshop is to direct listeners to hear sounds they would normally not pay attention to or at least not always recognize as music. The format of the workshop makes it possible for everyone be it autodidactic amateurs from around the area or composers.