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Staalplaat's Sound of Music

"You don't have to call it music if the term shocks you!" 

Staalplaat, founded in 1982, is a concept, store, radio program, label, agent, distributor always in the front line, battling against current trends. presenting and introducing avant-garde artist like Matt Heckert, Laibach, Charlemagne Palestine, The Hafler Trio, and Muslimgauze.
Experimenting with sound from piano, ice, synthesizer, a gas explosion organ, radio cut ups, dada poetry, or the awakening of Tangiers we have crossed the frontier and transmogrified from music label to sound label.

We have become a platform for metamusical concepts between the accepted sleepy streams, between new, improvised and experimental music, between electronic and entertaining, beyond the European market. To present its products staalplaat used material like metal, wood, leather, real bullets and soviet army badges to present these artists.

Staalplaat wants not only to challenge its audience but its artist too.

For this reason they have invited there artist to collaborate, compete and educate, in a series of small festivals throughout Europe, 'Cocktail' in Berlin, 'Masterclass' in den Haag, and now 'The sound of music in Linz. "We will not compromise but boldly go where no man has gone before".