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Systemic Bar

The social area of Sensory Circus

Systemic Bar - a Pre Cognitive System
To round out a complex scenery such as that of Sensory Circus, a space is needed with enough room to allow for reflection on what is momentarily experienced. A kind of quiet and relaxation zone is needed. This enables social contact and exchange. In addition to the social space created here, this space also serves as a central information point. In a quiet, primarily relaxed atmosphere, the effects of the public's activity become evident. The surroundings form an audiovisual backdrop that attempts to explain what is behind the momentary events. Various audiovisual perspectives provide an opportunity to observe the course just taken from a more distanced vantage point. The Mediasocial Crosspoint is a place where people can simply refresh themselves after strenuous physical efforts. Minor intervention possibilities are also permitted in this area, which could have heavy effects on the functionalities of the overall installation.

The location described is by no means to be regarded as the dramaturgical end. It is possible that this intermission may motivate the users to enter the installation again. At a closer look at the presented environment, a user may decide that they have not yet paid enough attention to certain dimensions within Sensory Circus.

This section that is developed with multifaceted media is composed of various sub-areas. Some of these are completely independent of the overall events of the Sensory Circus. Certain areas need to be partially networked with collected information from the overall installation, and others are conditioned by the data information supplied by Sensory Circus.

Observe the masses and the machine, interprete the interpretation of the installation's mood or just get a cold drink. While waiting, gamble arround with those hand gears - shit, what is happening now?

In order to provide a community spectacle that is more than distraction, an area needs to be created in which the people involved can indulge in lower intensity interaction, can perceive the possibilities of the situation, which allows insight into the current state of the system or even allows a limited level of modification of the system.

In the Systemic Bar all services are automated, and can only be interacted with automatically. From the selection of channels on the observation monitors through to the selection and delivery of the refreshments, all takes place without the necessary intervention of human operators. The bar machines interact with the guests depending upon the general mood of the Proto Coginitive System, which depends upon the behaviour of the public in the entire situation. The developments in the bar mirror the developments in the entire space. Even the level of current possibilities of interaction in the bar area is influenced through the actual parameters of the Proto Cognitive System.

Sensory Circus
Sensory Circus 03-2005
Sensory Circus 04-2005
Sensory Circus 05-2005
Sensory Circus 09-2004
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