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From Crisis to Wonderland

Release Date: 
05 - 2020
Time's Up

Experiential Futures as Physical Narrative

The Crisis - as we understand it it - can be seen not just as a crisis of now, but a crisis of imaginations of possible and preferable futures. It is clear that the way things are now is not the way that a feasible, survivable and just future could be. An intricate, interdependent network of crises including the ecological, socioeconomic and political are compounding to show us that the “More of The Same” no longer suffices. We suggest “To hell with more, we want better,” and thus we urge to train our imagination, our ability, capacity and preparedness to think out loud about possible futures.

We propose that experiential futures as physical narrative allow a sensual exploration and immersive experience of possible futures and a discussion of them. The strengths of this approach include the deeper understanding of doing and experience compared to seeing or hearing.

We then investigate attention to detail as part of the immersion and artistic elements, an installation is not just a sketch with a request to the audience to make up the rest, however the aspect of Mut zur Lücke allows and encourages further speculation as to the details of that possible
future and allow multiple ideas of preferences.

We conclude with an outline of where ongoing research has led us to and the sorts of questions we find most pressing as we deepen our understandings of the strengths of physical narrative for experiential futures.