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Anchortronic 5.1 DVD

Release Date: 
11 - 2002
Berthling, TV Pow, ...
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6-channel audio DVD including various artists & members from Time`s Up
Anchortronic is dedicated to experimental electronic music, in particular the process oriented techniques which in their attitude and technique imply and even demand a radical DIY aesthetic.

Sampling, plunderphonics, clicks and cuts, generative sound from self-written applications - keywords and techniques that paraphrase the expressions of a global development, yet in no way set boundaries or categorise. 

They have in common an attitude that requires the adjective "punk" - without the prefix "cyber" or the postfix "is (not) dead." They are prepared to experiment, to take on ideas unconditionally and as such and to work towards their implementation in spite of, or even because of the fact that in the midst of the process, a new idea can radically alter the course of development, even turn it around. 

This attitude acts as a negation or as a (distorted) overdrive of established mainstream culture. Individual research and experiments are primal; results appear secondary. Product - often selfburnt CDRs - is distributed through independent or self created labels - mainly to document a momentary state or to include others in the process. 

The network(s) are close despite their globality, the trade or exchange is real. Exchange is one of Time's Up's core activities. The networking with people of similar interests, effects ongoing or planned wors, leads to concrete collaborations - overlaps experienced as enrichness.