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Obsolete CD

Release Date: 
02 - 1999
Time`s Up
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Time's Up - Obsolete

1 Level 1: Elvis Loses
2 Level 2: Keep Going
3 Level 3: Pac The Ball
4 Level 4: Ship 'Til You Drop
5 Level 5: Final Extension

A review by aquarius records:
I'd be hard pressed to believe that Time's Up has nothing to do with Stock, Hausen, & Walkman, as the outfit replicates the ironic digital cut'n'paste ethos of SHW with surprising ease. This cute little three inch presents a rather nostalgic view of obsolescence in constructing a festive collage of electronic beats littered with samples of early arcade games, Commodore 64 muzak, and Atari bitmap music. "Obsolete" is the science fiction of youth having grown up with Pong, Tron, and Space Invaders. Totally great.