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PDA iPod Hacking

Linz, AT;
Kunstuniversität Linz / Linux Wochen Linz
24.04.2009 - 25.04.2009

In the course of the LiWoLi Festival - a hardware-device-hacking workshop

The Linux Weeks opens up possibilities to get to know the versatility of OpenSource applications, to bring one’s own knowledge to the newest standards and to deepen experiences. Time’s Up makes a definitive conceptual contribution to the frame work of Linux Weeks, in Marius Schebella’s hardware-device-hacking workshop (what you can't open you don't own). Time’s Up’s higher concern in designing outdoor compatible and energy saving ways meets perfectly with the Linux Weeks mission for the adoption of data and file transport via mobile refurbished devices rather than through the use of a PC. This event offers a lectures program, an exhibition area as well as workshops. Successful utilization of this workshop encompasses true consideration for economical, mobile, continuously reprogrammable pocket devices to control and read data.

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