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Urban Gardening

Keywords: Water, planting, vertical/floating garden

The Irrigation System, crucial for several kinetic experiments is as well central within our interest in urban gardening. Not just used for movement of water, we have aimed at the usage of the water flow for the irrigation of a series of gardens. Situated on the verge of the city, between the industrial harbour but stil in an urban environment, we find connections to the fields of urban gardening, vertical and other nonstandard gardens such as floating gardens. Previous usage has also included the Jakuzzi, where the problems of water filtering and water quality were raised. This has merged into the Luminous Green context where questions of sustainability are important and, most importantly, the question of reginal / location relevance.

Being highly localised (most gardens, including the one we have, are hard to move) the problem of publicity is raised: one attempt at dealing with this is the process of continuous documentation and more importantly, the sharing of these techniques on a simple, howto type of level. Other people might find it hard to come and visit and see these pieces, but instead we can encourage them to build their own and improve upon our designs and ideas as we attempt to improve upon the ideas of others.

Documentation and How-To will be added here.

Resilient Structures