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Im Garten / In The Garden

Linz, AT
NORDICO Museum der Stadt Linz
19.05.2011 - 16.10.2011

Living Spaces between desire and experiment

The exhibition "In the Garden - Living spaces between desire and experiment" run by the Linz-based museum Nordico takes a look at Linz specific urban garden sceneries as well as it examines contemporary, international relevant gardening-architectures and current practices like Community or Guerilla Gardening.

Time's Up, due to its involvement with "urban fringe gardens", got invited to contribute. At the one hand we will guide and introduce an interested audience across our "augmented urban garden".

The garden spaces at Time's Up, on the edge of the industrial city of Linz, between the harbour and the Danube, have been set up over the past few years to be an urban garden, using experimental shapes of beds, recycled objects and mechanical systems for watering, composting, plant motions and other practical and aesthetic purposes.

Caringly nourished and cherished we maintain a flourishing outdoor - environment, a productive gardening situation which applies neo-crafting techniques to mix pre- and early industrial skills with modern technologies in order to obtain autonomous and intelligent, practical and aesthetic, mechanical sculptural elements

Furthermore, together with Markus Luger, we will set up a playful yet efficient irrigation-system which will foster a temporarily "gardening-sculpture", especially built in front of the Nordico for the period of the exhibition.

Markus Luger
Compost Tumbler
Industrial Comfort Zone
Resilient Structures
Rope Pump
Urban Gardening
Water Scooper