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Natalia Borissova

Kick-Off Date: 
03 - 2012

living-lab experiments with mushrooms

".... while spending the past few months on researching, cultivating some types of edible mushrooms (right in my flat) and using intuition based methods and low-tech/niques to convert all kind of organic cellulose-based household waste into mushrooms to experiment with different types of substrates, growing media, temperature, amount of oxygen, moisture, light, spore print, non-sterile cloning methods and the resilience in mycelial network, I have to conclude: it's been a very rewarding experience ( Within about 30 days I've managed to produce and observe the whole fungal life cycle next to me, as well as to extend and multiply it by non-sterile cloning, what made me feel like a mushroom-mom, challenged to accept the responsibilities that comes along." Excerpt from Natalias application for the open call searching for a gardener in machinist in Residence end of 2011.

We are all looking forward to the process and the results of the experiments which will certainly include various public events as well as they can be followed on-line.