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CoC - Trip 01 / Murray River

Southaustralia, AU
Parts of the Murray River
01.02.2012 - 21.02.2012

7% of the river’s total in 3 weeks

Control of Commons (CoC), undertakes an artistic exploration of the relationship of people to water and the way that effects travel along watercourses, by making a series of trips along several watercourses in Europe and Australia.

The first journey along a river is accomplished. Stories and experiences of a 3 week journey along the Murray River in South Australia are collected.

A small section of the river has been explored. To be exact: 7% of the river’s total, a 224km journey that would take 40 minutes by road. The average distance per day traveled was 10km, working with the river’s natural flow and only rowing, by yuloh or sailing.

Thank you to all who helped, stopped and said hello, answered questions, raised more questions, offered and gave us lunch, drinks, oars, fruit, tea and most of all a lot of stories that help us to understand more and more of what might be going on in the Riverland.