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Sini Havukainen

Kick-Off Date: 
07 - 2010 - 10 - 2010

Sini Havukainen - our first official student apprentice

While we have been in Ireland we all of a sudden got an E-Mail asking whether we are wiling to have SIni Havukainen as a student apprentice. It was pretty much the first time that we got such a serious and worth to consider inquiry toward something like an internship.

We knew Sini already from a workshop we did earlier in 2010, the Robotic Workshop - e = 1/2 mv^2, carried out with the students from the Interface Culture department from the University of artistic and industrial Design. Within a short period of time it was clear that it only can be an enrichment for us having Sini around. And we should be proven right.

There have been a range of projects Sini has been involved in, assisted with and contributed during her her stay in our labs, and within every single opportunity she definitely enhanced the output of all the works. We hope to welcome her again - asap!