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Luminous Green - Workshop

Linz, AT
Time's Up Laboratories
22.10.2008 - 24.10.2008
Awareness towards your our own ecological and human responsibilities and opportunities
Luminous Green is a series of gatherings about a possible future; about a human world, that is enlightened, imaginative, electrified and most importantly – living in a fertile symbiosis with the rest of the planet. Luminous Green was initiated by our Belgian Partners Foam, calling on the creative sector to enrich the public debate around environmental sustainability, ethical living, eco-technology and design. 

For detailed information:

The meetings of Luminous Green want to encourage transdisciplinary discussions and collaborations between people from different walks of life. We invite artists, designers, academics, activists, social entrepreneurs, economists and policy-makers whose practice incorporates (now or near future) ecological thinking as a core value or as a major concern.

The main part of the workshop in Linz at the Time`s Up laboratories is concentrated on very detailed hands-on practice where we would like to offer a simple and barrier-free approach through the backing of experts. This part of the workshop will focus on the creation of an environment that uses energy in sustainable ways and each constructed device enhances another. As the Time`s Up workshop is situated next to the Danube the chance arises to use water for our intentions. As breezes go by often it seemed natural to take advantage of that too, building a windpowered water pump that delivers water from the Danube directly to the basins. Time`s Up is currently working on this and is developing further plans for a pimping-station for the immediate physical and creative recreation for all workers.

Besides the hands-on part we will take more overarching theoretical aspects into consideration too. As we would like to look over the rims of individual tea cups without discussing global troubles in common, we have chosen the approach to take a look at groups that organize their individual interests in order to change their immediate environments.

We also would like to introduce more abstract appearing concepts about social and economic systems that are established bottom-up, issues of daily live we should reconsider and arising models that are getting relevant for the development of a global society. There are endless issues that are worth to work on within this context, but the main substructure of our intention is to turn our and your individual awareness into action, into a perspective that offers opportunities and sketches how to create 'our world'. We gather our individual standards as a basis for the turnover of future ideas and personal involvements.

The Luminous Green workshop enables all participants to put their skills into practice, as well as learn new approaches and visions, through discussion and collaboration with dedicated practitioners from the fields of technology, business and politics.

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